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Subject:Re: Problem with links to confluence Wiki and Website spaces
From:ant elder (
Date:Jul 25, 2008 1:25:22 am

On Thu, Jul 24, 2008 at 10:46 AM, Simon Nash <> wrote:

Raymond Feng wrote:


I just forced the TUSCANYWIKI autoexport to be rebuilt. The exported content should be consistent with the WIKI now. Please let me know if you still see issues.

I am seeing major problems with this. A number of recent changes to have not made it to either or For examples, take a look at the Home and Getting Involved pages.

Also, there are differences between and On the Getting Involved page, the link to the Tuscany Wiki (autoexported version) is correct on but is broken on

Does anyone understand how the process for moving changes from -> -> is supposed to work? Some specific questions:

1. When are changes supposed to be moved between these 3 versions? 2. How does one force a manual resync when changes don't move automatically? 3. Who is allowed to force a manual resync? (e.g., can I do it?) 4. Why do some links that are OK in get broken in

I've just had a forced website resync done and some changes i had missing are there now, can you check if the public website reflects all the updates you saw were missing?

I think the problem is the auto resync plugin so it only works correctly for updates to existing pages, new pages don't get automatically added and pages which include nested other pages don't get updated when only the nested wiki page is updated - we use a lot of nested includes in the Tuscany front pages so i guess thats why its often out of date.

To force a refresh you need to be a confluence admin and the how to force a refresh is described at I'll add this info to our wiki page on updating the website so its easier to find. Maybe we also need to add some more confluence admins as well, we don't need every committer to be an admin but how about any PMC member who has the desire could be. I'm not an admin so i'm going to try to change that, anyone else what to be one?