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Subject:SMS transport for axis2
From:Charith Wickramarachchi (
Date:Mar 18, 2009 1:29:58 am


I m planing to write a SMS transport for axis2 as My GSoC project.From that users will be able to invoke web services using a SMSs and also axis2 will be able to send SMS massages to the clients.

As a first phase i m thinking of giving support to Simple sms's to invoke services (Eg: by providing service name and paramters (like in Rest)) And also in the Sender side making it enable to Send simple text responces

And as a Sesond phase i will try to handle binery attatchments and SOAP content comming with a SMS.(Since now there may insidences that javaME mobile clients may able to send recieve SOAP and binery attachments using SMSs).

I'm thinking of get the support of SMSLib <> or jsmpp<>libries to implement this feature(Both projects have Apache License) If you think this is a good project idea.I would like to submit a project proposal.and implement this feature.

your ideas and comments are welcome.

thank you,