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Subject:[VOTE]: Graduate Apache jclouds as an Apache Top Level Project
From:Andrew Bayer (
Date:Sep 20, 2013 4:49:08 pm

The Apache jclouds project entered incubation in April of 2013, and since then has shipped two releases, added a committer, and transitioned thoroughly into the Apache Way for decision-making, development process, etc. Our website[1] conforms, so far as we can tell, with Apache's standards, the existing jclouds registered trademark has been transferred to the ASF[2], we've decided on a set of project bylaws[4], and now we've held a vote[5] on a graduation resolution[6, and below] to be added to the agenda for the next ASF board meeting.

The vote has passed[7] with 7 binding PPMC +1s and 4 binding mentor +1s, so on behalf of the Apache jclouds project, I'd like to request the IPMC's approval for our graduation. Thanks! Please cast your vote: [ ] +1 Graduate the Apache jclouds podling from Apache Incubator as a TLP[ ] +0 Indifferent to the graduation status of Apache jclouds podling[ ] -1 Reject graduation of Apache jclouds podling from Apache Incubator because ... The vote will be open for 72 hours, until 5pm PDT on Monday, September 23rd. [1]:[2]:[3]:[4]:[5]:[6]:[7]:

Thanks again -The Apache jclouds project