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Subject:Re: Licence headers in template files
From:sebb (
Date:Feb 6, 2012 8:06:37 am

On 6 February 2012 15:29, Ross Gardler <> wrote:

On 6 February 2012 15:20, sebb <> wrote:

As I read it, only applies to files with no creative content.

AFAICT this is not the case here.

Can you tell me why you think this is the case?

As a reminder, in my original post I said:

"There is no significant IP in these templates. they are mostly boilerplates that are intended to be replaced by the end user"

Are IP and creativity the same thing? Seems to me that the templates do contain creative content.

On 6 February 2012 15:03, Ross Gardler <> wrote:

Perfect - thanks Ate

On 6 February 2012 14:54, Ate Douma <> wrote:

On 02/06/2012 03:30 PM, ant elder wrote:

On Mon, Feb 6, 2012 at 2:16 PM, Ate Douma<>  wrote:

On 02/06/2012 02:44 PM, ant elder wrote:

On Mon, Feb 6, 2012 at 1:37 PM, Franklin, Matthew B. <>    wrote:

I am sure you know this (especially since you first pointed me at this page), but the release FAQ [1] makes it sound like you need the header, if you assume your templates are source:

      Which Files Must Contain An ASF License Text?       Every source file must contain the appropriate ASF License text.

I am no lawyer, so I will defer to someone who has more experience than me to help you determine whether your snippets count as source.

I think that is a bug in the Release FAQ. What i've been told in the past but which i can't find links to right now, is that the top level LICENSE file covers everything anyway and the individual license headers aren't strictly necessary especially for source files without significant IP.

Really? That then would be quite some 'bug' IMO. I can't recall have heard it said like this before, instead confirmation of the above rule quite often. Exceptions (no headers) only being allowed for sources without real IP value.


IMHO if the headers are problematic for Wookie in those files then it would be ok to just not include the header.


I've just asked for clarification about this over at legal -

Seems to me this has been asked and answered before: